John Stewart“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart isn’t convinced that George Zimmerman used a racial slur before he fatally shot Florida teen Trayvon Martin.

Many believe that Martin’s shooting was a hate crime and not self defense as Zimmerman’s attorney claims. Audio tapes released of Zimmerman’s 911 call suggest that he may have used the offensive words “fuc*ing coon.”  CNN used one of their top audio engineers to enhance the tape in an attempt to make what Zimmerman said more audible.

Stewart labeled the report “CNI: Cable News Investigators” and didn’t come to any damning conclusion about that claim. After listening to the tape looped over and over, Stewart announced: “that doesn’t sound like a word at all.”

He blasted Zimmerman for following Martin after 911 dispatcher advised him not to and the Sanford police department for a botched investigation.

He also mocked Fox News Reporter Geraldo Rivera for blaming Martin’s death on the fact that he was wearing a hoodie.

Watch the clip below to see “funny man” Stewart’s daily report.



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