The parents of a 13-year-old missing Black Boy Scout got their son back on the seventh day of his disappearance.

Ade Prince, of Brooklyn, was believed to be with a friend who was also known to run away from home, according to PIX 11.

The two reportedly staying at the friend’s apartment slipped through a fire escape and headed for the Barclay Center when 911 was called, the news station reported.

Family photos of missing Boy Scout
Ade Prince, a Brooklyn eighth-grader, who went missing for a week has been found. (Family photos from @bklyner / Twitter | @wikiglobals / Twitter)

The friend’s father denied that Ade was staying with him, PIX 11 reported.

Detectives picked Ade up near the Barclay Center and informed the boy’s mother, Yvonne King-Prince, who burst into tears when she got the news, the news station reported.

“I’m just grateful to God he’s alive,” the mother told PIX11 Monday night. “I’m gonna take him home, love him, and take care of him.”

A day earlier, King-Prince pleaded with her son through local media outlets to come home.

“Listen, baby, we love you. Just come home,” she told New York Daily News Sunday. “If there’s any situation that you’re worried about or you think you’re in trouble, it doesn’t matter what. Come home. We love you. We’ll figure it out.”

Ade, an eighth-grader at Exceed Charter School, was last spotted around midday Friday with two male friends on a Coney Island-bound Q train, King-Prince told the newspaper.

A member of the boy’s church, St. Mark’s United Methodist Church in Brooklyn, saw the teen wearing a navy blue sweatsuit instead of the yellow and beige uniform he had to wear, the Daily News reported.

The teen reportedly told the church member he was on a lunch break.

Some of Ade’s friends who went to Prospect Park after school Nov. 4 also told Ade’s parents they saw the teen near his home on Woodruff Avenue near Flatbush Avenue in Flatbush, King-Prince told the Daily News.

She said, crying when her son didn’t return home, she called the police but “the cops didn’t follow through.”

Georgi P., who identified Ade as one of her students, shared information about Ade’s last known whereabouts on Twitter Sunday.

“He’s about 4’11 and 70lbs. If you see him please call the police,” she said in the tweet.

King-Prince, a staff analyst with NYC Transit, told PIX 11 this isn’t the first time her son disappeared and about eight months ago he had started staying out later.

She said one weekend, Ade didn’t return home for two days, and when he did, he said he stayed with a friend up the block from his home.

After that disappearance, Ade’s parents spoke to the friend’s father and took their son to see a counselor, PIX 11 reported.

Crown Prince, the boy’s father and a supervisor at Sloan Kettering Hospital in Manhattan, described his child to the news agency as a “good kid” overall “except for this behavior.”

“He doesn’t talk back; he’s not disrespectful,” the father told PIX 11.


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