A recent date night that Marjorie Harvey gave fans a glimpse of had them ogling her and husband Steve Harvey’s style.

The star uploaded a photo of herself and her spouse posing on the steps of their immaculate home to her Instagram page Monday, Feb. 25. It’s not known where they were heading out to, but that was no matter to fans who marveled at their look.

steve harvey
(Photo: @marjorie_harvey/Instagram)

“Beautiful couple!!

“The Classy’s Power Couple my Hometown Mr. Steve Harvey and his First lady Marjorie love them

“My favorite couple..highly inspiring.”

“Just gorgeous!!! Love this pic Marjorie and Steve!!

“Ooooo weeeee…y’all look fabulous

For anyone wondering where Marjorie’s style inspiration comes from, the star opened up about just that to Ebony magazine in 2016.

“I think the inspiration is mostly how I am feeling that particular day combined with the reality of the occasion,” she shared when she opened her luxury consignment boutique. “I love classic pieces but I also love to think outside the box. I’m often asked about rules and ‘age-appropriate style.’ I fundamentally believe that looking and feeling like a lady is the only rule. As far as designers, it’s more of a matter of my love for a particular piece or collection than just the designer.”

The idea of letting her day-to-day feelings dictate what she does style-wise also extends to her husband. The comedian and talk show host decided to grow out his beard last summer, much in the way he ditched his baggy suits for a more fitted look several years earlier. But he made it clear that this choice wasn’t his, but Marjorie’s.

“All-new show. New look. You can tell, huh? OK, we’ll see how that goes. The wife likes it, so pretty much, she’s a determining factor here,” he said ahead of the premiere of “Steve” last year. “But, you know, it’s time to change. Time to reinvent yourself.”

So when she decided she’d had enough of the facial hair, Steve promptly shaved it off and kept his classic black mustache.

“I had him shave 🤗 I love it both ways ,” she said on Instagram when her hubby resumed his usual look earlier this month.

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