Tonight’s episode of Justified ensues with a hot Foot Chase. After Raylan finds Josiah’s severed foot, it sets off a high gear race against time, where he and Shelby partners up to find the criminal.  Ava on the other hand,  sets her sights on Harlan’s high society.

Besides Josiah, deputy Raylan is still on the hot pursuit to track down broken leg Drew Thompson to keep his father from getting a chance to leave jail.

The tough federal lawman isn’t the only one on the tail of possibly dead criminal, although Boyd can’t be discreet because of his unmistakable drawl mask, he and Colt are also in the relentless search for Drew Thompson.  Colt is also still zealous to find the escaped Ellen May, hoping to get rid of her before Boyd finds out the truth.  Thus, it lead Colt down a dark deceptive path.

Justified’s “Foot Chase” airs Tuesdays, February 12, at 10 pm ET on FX. Promo video for tonight’s episode below:

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