Award winning singer K. Michelle is in hot water with fans after seemingly sticking her nose up at people.

The reality star appears to be over folks criticizing the person she is and sent a stern message to haters who have something negative to say about her. She took to Instagram on Monday, March 18 with a screenshot of a tweet she posted, indicating that people who’ve spoke ill about her will reap the “Karma” they deserve.

“People talk so much s–t about me and I never say a word especially when I think they are beneath me,’ the “Crazy Like Me” singer wrote in her tweet. “Just be quiet and watch as they put on a show. That Karma hit different when you don’t have to hand it out. Ha!”

K. Michelle
K. Michelle. (@kmichellemusic/Instagram)

K. Michelle who constantly receives flak for her brash manner, was slammed by fans who were annoyed by her ostensibly haughty attitude.

“No one is beneath anyone ..that part not cool see thats whats wrong with the world today …people think they better then the next,” one fan commented on K.’s page. God Gaveth to you he will taketh away .”

Another person wrote, “Beneath you? B–ch you ain’t God! No one person is better than the next. Just because ur situation is different and a little better than others doesn’t mean someone is beneath you. Ur only human sweetheart that’s it!”

“You put your nose on all the time K you be high and mighty till them cameras are on,” someone else said.” Sis you’re not better than anybody and no one is ‘beneath’ you.”

K. Michelle who was clearly teed off, hit back at fans in the comments, “I said what I said. On one asked your opinion though. I said beneath me and I meant that.”

K. Michelle. (@kmichellemusic/Instagram)

She also told another fan that they were beneath her for “talking about s–t” she “don’t even have a clue of.”

“I mind business on my page! If you don’t understand what I’m saying I don’t give a F–K,” K. Michelle wrote.

Over the past few years, K. Michelle has been vocal about what she sees as her lack of recognition in the music industry. She indicated to Big Tigger in April 2017, that people tend to overlook her multi-talents due to her strong personality. She admitted that sometimes she does have diarrhea of the mouth and her blunt personality can get in her trouble.

In 2013, K. Michelle blasted the Grammys for her nomination snub. She felt her album at the time “Rebellious Soul” was worthy of a Grammy nomination.

“Wow major Grammy snub. I guess a little Black girl who truly speaks her mind was a little 2much huh? Gotta work harder next year,” she wrote on Twitter. She was upset that she wasn’t nominated for any category, including “Best New Artist.”

She however later doubled down on her statement by saying, “It wasn’t my time. Can’t change my music 2fit.”

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