Kandi Burruss just wrapped up her season of “Celebrity Big Brother” last month, but that doesn’t mean she wants to have some down time and take off work.

In fact, she’s doing just the opposite by preparing for a solo musical performance at the CIAA Toyota Fan Fest in Charlotte N.C. this weekend, the first time she’s taken the stage by herself in quite some time.

Todd Tucker might've stole the show during his wife Kandi Burruss' rehearsal.

In a video posted on Thursday (Feb. 28), Burruss explained she only has three rehearsals before the show but is confident everything will come together.

“She came straight from the ‘Big Brother’ house to the Kandi Factory,” said Victor, her choreographer.

“This year 2019 I’m going hard all 2019,” Burruss said afterwards. “I’m not letting up, so anybody who’d been mad is going to stay mad, ’cause all 2019 I’m going to go for everything that I ever dreamed about. Everything I ever wanted to do in life I’m going to go hard to make it happen.”

The clip also shows Burruss and her dancers preparing for the performance and fine tuning their dance steps, and while some enjoyed watching her, Burruss’ husband Todd Tucker might’ve stole the show, because he was dancing along the whole time.

Tucker also took center stage for part of the rehearsal and sat in a chair while his wife was moving around him.

“Todd on that chair is a mood 🤣🤣🤣,” one person wrote.

“Todd got some moves,” wrote another.

….I love Todd energy.. that’s my boy !!!!” someone else commented.

There were also people who loved Tucker just being at the rehearsal and said it proves he has his wife’s back 100 percent.

“I just love the way @todd167 supports you,” someone commented. “#teamwork.”

“Power Couple! Todd is really feeling it!” another person wrote. “Keep supporting each other more blessings to come! Love you.”

Plus, a lot of folks praised Burruss for her work ethic and called it truly inspiring.

“Baby you work your butt off and remain so humble folks dont know how rare and hard that is,” one fan stated. “Women of all trades. I absolutely adore you. Keep up the amazing work. Your silence speaks volumes.”

You can see what else Burruss has going on below, now that she’s done with “Celebrity Big Brother.”


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