Karrueche Tran is giving hope to all the women who’s rear ends may not match their big personalities.

The “Claws” actress uploaded a shot showing how off her sculpted derrière, which was dusted with sand and covered in skimpy bikini bottoms.

“LITTLE BOOTIES MATTER  Click link in bio to see how I maintain my little cupcake w my trainer @mrmvtfit : @createwhatstrue,” Tran captioned the photo uploaded to Instagram Friday, Dec. 14.


Fans ate up the booty-bearing shot.

“Tiny hiney

“Lawd Hammercy!”

“You look beautiful, all natural.”


“Wow this is by far one of the greatest booties I’ve seen on IG

🤦‍♂️Gahh damn.”

“Victor a lucky man🤗

And others applauded the star for giving smaller butts their due.

“Thank you sis! Our little booties do matter!

“Yup we do

“Put on for us

“They sure do! Mine included

“WE SURE DO!!!!!

“Thank you

Lol… you are to cute and funny, you remind me if my nieces growing up. Yes they do

For those who see Tran’s taunt tush as body goals, a glimpse of the model’s YouTube page reveals a link to a 20 to 30-minute “booty blast workout” that only needs two exercise bands to complete.

Just as fans marveled at her figure on Instagram, one on YouTube applauded her for being a celebrity with a refreshingly natural figure in a sea of stars eager to plump up their bodies.

“It’s refreshing to see a celeb with a natural figure, I hope she stays like that. No pressure cuz ppl should be able to do/fix wat they want in order to achieve ultimate self-esteem. However, I say it’s refreshing because social media, the internet, youtubers, & regular degular schmegular people keep pushing plastic surgery & making us to believe these plastic figures are achievable & it’s not. Or even making us believe a certain body type is greater than the other.”

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