Katt Williams slapped Target employee for calling him the N-word Weeks after the Katt Williams slap went viral, the comedian has finally explained himself claiming that the Target employee called him the N-word.

Katt’s bizarre actions weeks ago had the world wondering if the comedian was on drugs or just plain lost his mind.

While performing at the Comedy Story in Hollywood on Dec. 19, the self-proclaimed pimp used his time on stage to earn some laughs as well as explain what really went down in Target that day.

The 39-year-old revealed that when he got to the register to check out the employee called him a “ni**er.”

“This is what the dude at Target said,” Katt’s comedic rant began. “’Your assistant is already suing you, you pu**y ass ni**er.’”

The employee was referring to some more legal trouble that the comedian got himself into earlier this year after he allegedly punched his assistant. She is now suing Williams for $5 million.

Katt Williams slaps target employee for calling him a nigger The “Friday After Next” actor held his temper for a few minutes as he asked the employee, “Did you just say the n-word in front of Katt Williams?”

The soon to be pimp slapped employee responded by saying, “You say it all the time.”

Well according to many of the pint sized comedian’s skits, he also slaps people all the time – perhaps the Target worker missed that part.

“Say it again and see what happens,” Katt said, but he didn’t even give the employee a chance to repeat his mistake before he immediately delivered the slap heard ‘round the internet.

Target has since fired the employee but a spokesperson denied it was related the slap video. “His departure was unrelated to the video footage that has appeared online.”

Katt Williams admitted that when it all comes down to it, he simply doesn’t care what people have to say about him.

“I been arrested 36 times in five years, but I never been in court. You figure it out,” he said in an interview with HipHop Wired. “I don’t care what they say. What they say, they love me so how could I give a f**k what they say otherwise?”

He also went on to point out that despite all the commotion going on over the past few weeks, he still has maintained a successful career and he doesn’t plan on apologizing for any of it.

“I sold more comedy DVDs than any comedian breathing or dead, Black or White,” he continued. “I have five more comedy specials than Richard Prior, six more than Bill Cosby, five more than Eddie Murphy, and six more than Martin Lawrence.”

In other words, what people thought was the result of some serious drugs was really just the result of an extreme ego.

Seems like Katt might be the Kanye West of the comedy world, but let’s not forget that pride always comes before the fall.

After all, Yeezy probably never thought he would see the day hundreds of people walked out on him in the middle of his performance while he rocked a look-a-like of his girlfriend’s skirt at the 12-12-12 concert.

So be careful Katt. Your fans made you, and they can certainly break you.

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