R&B artist Keyshia Cole reacted as if she was just as shocked as fans to learn that her planned U.K. tour with R&B singer Joe Thomas was postponed, although an announcement that the dates were off came in mid-January.

The music duo had three scheduled shows together throughout late February, the last of which was to be in London. However, fans brought it to the “Let It Go” singer’s attention that the London show was wouldn’t be taken place that night, and she reacted as if she had little information to provide on the matter.

Keyshia Cole
Keyshia Cole and Joe Thomas. (Photos: @keyshiacole,@therealjoethomas/Instagram)

A fan tweeted Cole on Feb. 26, the night of her and Joe’s scheduled London show at the Eventim Hammersmith Apollo venue, saying the show had been canceled.

“@KeyshiaCole’s concert at the Eventim Apollo in London has been cancelled,” the person wrote on Twitter, tagging Cole.

Keyshia Cole

The 37-year-old retweeted the fan and asked, “Cancelled or postponed?”

She then asked fans if “anybody has Joe the singers IG?”

“He was the headliner! It’s his show!! And I was REALLY EXCITED TO GOOOO!!!” said Cole.

Fans found what they believed was the “Worst Case Scenario” singer’s Instagram page, but he hadn’t been active on it since January. Folks still flooded Joe’s believed-to-be social media page with questions wanting to know about the deferred show.

Keyshia Cole

“So when is the new date for London??” one fan asked. Veryyyyy disappointed .”

“All UK dates have been postponed,” another said. “What’s going on ? I’m so disappointed .”

“What is going on?!! I’m so disappointed the 26th has been postponed I took time off work when is the new date?” another fan inquired.

One Twitter user tagged Cole offering an email she said she’d received from the venue Eventim Apollo on Feb. 26, saying that Cole and Joe’s concert date was postponed.

The fan’s email read the following: “A quick reminder that this show has been postponed and will not be taking place tonight. Please don’t travel to the venue; it will not be open. … Please hang onto your tickets pending the announcement of the rescheduled date.’

Keyshia Cole

Both Cole and Joe were scheduled to perform in Manchester on Feb. 23, Birmingham on Feb. 24 and London on February 26 for their “Joe and Keyshia Cole Live concert.” Joe has yet to address the postponed concert dates.

One person tweeted the award-winning singer and saying how “gutted” he/she was that the show didn’t occur. Cole tweeted back, ” You have NO IDEA HOW BAD I WANTED TO BE THERE.”

Keyshia Cole
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