Keyshia Cole fellatio photo not her Keyshia Cole took to Twitter to respond to what was supposedly an explicit photo of her circulating the internet, but even that didn’t stop her album from being a success or prevent her husband from getting her face tatted on his arm.

Keyshia should be celebrating the fact that her new album debuted at #2 on Billboard’s Hip Hop/R&B chart, but instead she is doing some serious damage control after the Twitter nation decided that a photo of a woman performing fellatio on her boyfriend was actually a pic of Keyshia Cole.

The “Enough of No Love” songstress took to Twitter to condemn those who were spreading the rumor.

“So this is how people feel when being falsely accused of something huh,” her Twitter rant started. “I have family and friends. My husbands family. This is not right!”

She went on to say that the false accusations against here were “just sad” and expressed her concern that her son would have to see the photo one day and think it was his own mother.

“Anything someone says about me people think is true [and] will just run with it,” she continued. “…highly disappointed people say anything without confirmation Boy I tell you!”

Even her husband, Daniel “Bobbie” Gibson, took some time to address the haters and to let them know that karma would always come back around.

Keyshia Cole look alike steps forward, not Keyshia in explicit photo “When that karma come around for some ppl I just wanna have my feet up w/ a cigar n my hand,” her hubby tweeted. “Not even smokin. Just LLS.”

Her album’s position on the chart proves that she has tons of fans who love her, and the explicit Twitter photo proved one fan’s devotion meant that she couldn’t see her idol pay for her mistakes.

A fan of the R&B singer came forward admitting that the racy photo was actually her, at the mere age of 17, not the “Keyshia and Daniel” reality star.

Mari Lynn, the Keyshia Cole look-a-like, revealed she was a dedicated fan of the “Woman to Woman” singer and couldn’t bare to see her reputation tarnished for something she had done in the past.

“The picture is 2 years old,” Lynn started in her confession. “…I’m a different woman than the girl I was. I love Keyshia Cole. I would never try & frame her.”

She even apologized to the 31-year-old mother for what she had to go experience because of the pic.

“I’m so sorry Keyshia, I really am,” she continued. “It is so embarrassing, I was 17 years in the picture and I’m 20 years old. I’m so sorry thanks for being understanding. I know you’re a newlywed & I would never do that to you, I love you!!!”

The good news is, the Keyshia look-a-like has learned her lesson and has finally learned to love herself – something she couldn’t have said three years ago.

“That picture makes me sad cuz that girl was lost & she didn’t love herself… Lack of guidance and no parents did that to me,” she admitted. “I’m a grown a** woman now & I know my worth.”

Either way you have to commend the young lady for stepping forward to tell the truth despite the fact that her reputation has been tarnished in a major way. We can only hope that people will respect her decision and not ridicule her for the explicit photo.

Keyshia Cole husband, Daniel Bobbie, gets Keyshia face tattoo Amidst all the drama, however, one thing was for certain. The “Trust and Believe” singer’s husband still had faith in their marriage and didn’t believe for a second that the photo was his woman.

In fact, it wasn’t even enough to discourage him from getting his wife’s face tatted on his arm.

The NBA star showed off his new ink, revealing a photo of Cole’s face – which is a bit hairier than usual – and confessed his love for her.

He tweeted the picture along with the caption, “And I loooooooove my baby! (My voice).”

We aren’t too impressed with the actual artwork, but then again there are rarely any face tattoos that come out looking exactly like the person they were meant to resemble.

Regardless, it’s good to see that he seems to be so dedicated to his wife.


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