Earlier this week, R&B artist Keyshia Cole finally addressed upset fans who were still inquiring about her postponed concert last month with singer Joe Thomas.

The music duo had three scheduled late February shows overseas in the U.K., the last one was supposed to be in London at the Eventim Hammersmith Apollo venue. When fans brought it to Cole’s attention that the show wouldn’t be taking place that night, she acted just as stunned as they were despite an announcement by U.K’.s “leading Urban Concert promoter” made in mid-January that the show dates were off.

Keyshia Cole

Not much has been said about Cole’s postponed tour with Thomas, but inquiring minds still want to know what happened.

A fan of the “I Changed My Mind” singer tweeted her on Thursday, asking for an explanation behind the delayed London concert.

“I am not happy @KeyshiaCole,” the person wrote on March 21. ” What happened to coming to London? I was looking forward to seeing you as you are my favourite female singer. You’ve actually let me down.”


Cole tersely replied that she was pulled from the show, raising more questions than she answered.

“They took me off,” the singer tweeted. “I have to look at the contracts and see what can be done./. Smh.”

Keyshia Cole
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Puzzled and upset fans poured in on the thread.

“I was confused too. I’m like hm it’s not like her to just not follow through with something unless there’s a valid reason. @KeyshiaCole, it’s really just messed up how they be doin you.”

“What’s wrong with them? The promoters told me you couldn‘t do the new dates so they blame it on you smh. I‘m so sad about this.”

“Can you let us know, because if you are coming then I wont refund my tickets.”

“That’s really messed up I hope you get back on!!”

Cole responded once more, thanking her fans for supporting her despite her supposed removal from the tour.

“All good. Glad I have fans that supports and takes up for me!!” she tweeted.


Both Cole and Thomas were scheduled to perform in Manchester on Feb. 23, Birmingham on Feb. 24 and London on February 26 for their “Joe and Keyshia Cole Live concert.”

Interestingly enough, a check of Thomas’ social media pages reveals he has since stripped from his Instagram account a flyer of that tour that he posted in February. He has yet to address their no-show and has instead been promoting his Brooklyn Mother’s Day music festival. However, fans are still bombarding his posts with questions about the postponed show with Cole.

“Still trying to figure out how you cancel UK concerts without an explanation. That s–t hurt deep. I got vip and errthang. .”

“Brooklyn???? You didn’t even come to London!!”

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