Keyshia Ka’Oir shared a photo of herself dripping in gaudy attire, and it appeared to be a miss with fans.

The model posted a series of photos over the weekend of herself and her husband Gucci Mane seemingly behind the scenes of the rapper’s stage performance. Ka’Oir, who’s known for appearing onstage at her husband’s concerts, flossed her drippy fashions that seemingly failed to impress fans.

She sported a matching leopard-print bra and shorts set with dark brown thigh-high cheetah-print boots while rocking several diamond-studded jewelry pieces. Ka’Oir topped it off with waist-length ombre-orange tresses in a top-knot bun with half of her hair down.

Keyshia Ka'Oir
photo courtesy @keyshiakaoir

“Don’t come too close! U might freeeeeeze,” she wrote in her Instagram caption and added, “Say what u want cause ion care☄#MrsDavis1017.”

Fans appeared to be “unimpressed” by Ka’Oir’s bold fashion pieces.

“Sis wyd in that ?”

“You’re doing too much.”

“T.A.C.K.Y AFFFFFFF this ain’t cute at all.”

“Almost 40 and still dressing like this smh 🤦‍♂️ you desperately need a stylist.”

“Always look like a ghetto clown. Do better!”

“This look reminds me of Halle Berry in the movie BAPS…tacky and tewwwww muuucchhhh🤣.”

“You look like a hood Peebles from Flinstones.”

But others totally bought into Ka’Oir’s look.

“Omg u slaying it like a boss freeeeza the hell out of them .”

“Beautiful Mrs. Davis never ages! .”

“People are saying @keyshiakaoir can’t dress… but it’s not as if the naysayers can afford what she chooses to wear … she said she is over the top … She looks stunning to me .”

Ka’Oir and her husband Gucci have received backlash time and again for their over-the-top fashions, but the pair apparently aren’t fazed by critics. The couple even flamboyantly designed their Miami mansion in all white for the holidays. Ka’Oir took to Instagram last week to share photos of her “white Christmas” and added, “It’s a Glacier Christmas at the Davis’s .”

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