Killer Mike Tells DJ Envy He’s Wrong for Sending His Kids to Private School, Heated Debate Ensues

Killer Mike sparked a debate during his visit to “The Breakfast Club” on Thursday, Jan. 31, about whether to send Black kids to public or private school.

Mike began his point by saying that Black children who live in places that show hostility towards them should remain in all-Black schools until they’re teenagers.

Killer Mike and DJ Envy got into a heated debate over whether to send Black kids to public or private school.

“I feel that places that are hostile towards Black people, you should not send your children to school with white children until they’re 13 years old,” he stated. “If you look at other ethnic communities, they keep themselves insulated until the child is 13, 14.”

Co-host of “The Breakfast Club” DJ Envy disagreed and said it doesn’t matter who children study with, as long as they get the best education possible. Envy also revealed that he sends two of his children to private school, and they’re learning things he never did.

But Mike wasn’t having it.

“We also love that cop out of ‘We sent my children there for a better education,’ but the same n—as be telling me how much they paid for college,” he shot back. “They only teach you that Egypt is in Africa, don’t teach you to be proud of nothing about yourself.”

Mike then asked the question why Black folks aren’t starting more of their own academies or supporting historically Black colleges and universities in greater numbers. The Run the Jewels rapper also said his children go to public school because he pays taxes for those schools, and they’re named after Black people.

“If you walk in a school named Frederick Douglass High School and you do not have the initiative as a parent and walk up and step up to that greatness but you’ll do it at St. Pius?”

Envy then said that no matter who public schools are named after, many of the teachers aren’t as effective, because they receive low pay and don’t have access to proper  resources.

You can hear the debate below at the 30:23 mark.

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