Kim kardashian shows her baby bump in tight dress Kim Kardashian has finally revealed her growing baby bump in fitted dress while stepping out for a date with Kanye, while sister Khloe ripped step-mom apart on Twitter.

After rumors of Beyonce faking her pregnancy hit the media (along with rumors she faked her inaugural performance), the public wasn’t ready to buy into Kim Kardashian and Kanye West expecting a baby together without some proof.

Well here is the moment you’ve all be waiting for – The Proof of the Baby Bump!

Kimmy K stepped out in Paris Tuesday (Jan. 22) for a date with her hip hop mogul boyfriend and future baby daddy in a fitted black dress that was tugging at her stomach.

She’s been in the City of Lights for Fashion Week and apparently her latest accessory is her baby bump. Photogs snapped a picture of the reality star as she headed inside Lassere Restaurant and captured what may be the first real Kim Kardashian baby bump photo (that or she gained weight again. Either way it’s still newsworthy right?).

Kim Kardashian first baby bump photoAnyway, baby Kimye is expected to be welcomed into the world some time in July and will make Kim and Kanye first time parents.

Despite Kimmy struggling to take care of the white kitten Yeezy gave her and making fun of Kourtney for being a boring mom, the middle Kardashian sister claims that she and her boyfriend eventually would like to have more than one child.

“They talk about names for boys and girls. They know they want both eventually, so it doesn’t really matter which comes first,” one source said.

While the baby is on the way, the soon-to-be parents are trying to make sure their Bel Air mansion is ready for his or her arrival.

“They’re redoing the whole house,” the source revealed. “They hope it’s ready when the bay arrives.”

The $11 million mansion boasts an indoor pool, a bowling alley, and even a hair salon.

Her pregnancy and home renovation process isn’t going to slow the reality star down, however, as she tweeted about her early morning duties.

“Up early for a photo shoot,” Kim tweeted. “Shooting my sixth fragrance ad campaign today in Paris with Nick Knight! What a dream come true!”

Khloe Kardashian pregnancy rumors and new spin off Meanwhile, rumors about sister Khloe are still flying after MediaTakeOut claimed the younger sister was pregnant and getting her own spin off about her pregnancy.

The story itself seems bogus enough but the fact that it was on MediaTakeOut should clue anyone in that the story is a completely lie. Either way, E! was kind enough to confirm what was really going on.

E! told the New York Daily News that Khloe will not be filming a spin off about her own pregnancy because she simply isn’t pregnant.

It was a matter of days ago that the outspoken Kardashian let the media have it for telling “blatant” and “distasteful” lies about her, but some people just aren’t catching the hint.

The unreliable gossip site will probably be spared KhloKhlo’s wrath this time, however, because her anger was focused on another target at the time – her step mother.

Kim recently took to twitter to scold step-mother Ellen Kardashian for spreading lies about her father Robert Kardashian.

Ellen found a journal that belonged to Robert that she claimed was filled with entries of him accusing Kris Jenner of being a terrible mother to the girls and son Rob.

Khloe Kardashian rips stepmom Ellen Kardashian While we are sure Kim is just as furious as Khloe her tweet was much more calm as she wrote, “10 yrs since dad passed & this woman he married 4 2 wks before he died needs to get a job instead of trying to destroy my family w fake stories.”

Lamar’s wife, on the other hand, wasn’t as kind and she didn’t hesitate to shred her apart via Twitter.

“How can such a piece of trash even mention my father’s name,” the Twitter rant began. “You married him on his death bed when he was not even aware of his surroundings.”

In the first tweet Ellen has been called a “piece of trash” and Khloe is suggesting the only reason she got a rock on her finger was because he father wasn’t in his right mind at the time. Ouch.

The good news is it can’t get any worse than that right? Wrong…

“You should be hiding in shame for all of the lies you sell to tabloids,” the next tweet read.

Khloe Kardashian attacks stepmom in Twitter rant “You have no right to even mention our names especially my mothers! We don’t know you!!! How dare you spread such lies! You are a disgrace.”

As harsh as that last tweet was it still wasn’t the one that ended it all. The grand finale of the Twitter rant read, “10 yrs after my father passing & now that she has filed for bankruptcy… NOW she sells FALSE stories. Hope that money buys you water in hell.”

So what did we learn here today? If you’re interesting in keeping your self esteem in tact, you should probably pass up on any chance to offend Khloe because her claws are out and digging in deep.

Kim Kardashian first baby bump photo


Kim Kardashian baby bump


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