Kimora Lee Simmons calls herself a trailblazer for Beyonce, Jessica Simpson Kimora Lee Simmons lost her tummy but not her ego as the Baby Phat designer claimed there would be no Beyonce without her. Meanwhile, the recently divorced Kimora and Djimon Hounsou seem to already be getting back together – or at least hooking up.

Everyone has been taking jabs at Beyonce ever since she got caught lip syncing at Obama’s second inauguration, but of all the shade being thrown her way Kimora is, dare we say, a non-factor.

The Baby Phat designer claimed that she and Russell were the ones who laid the blueprints for urban fashion and that Beyonce, Sean John, and more should credit their success to her paving the way.

“Before us there wasn’t any Beyonce, there wasn’t Sean John or Justin Timberlake, there wasn’t Jessica Simpson,” she told The Grio. “There wasn’t any of that. We really laid the blueprint for that.”

Even if Baby Phat was one of the first of its kind (which it really wasn’t) Kimora surely can’t believe that she is the only reason that these other brands were able to emerge and be successful.

The Just Fab president and creative director didn’t stop there either. According to her, she was the only one who had a real fashion line that sold because the clothes were quality work. The others were just relying on their music careers according to her.

“One thing I love about myself in this business is that I don’t have to rely on the sales of an album, or my movie being a hit for my clothing line to be a hit,” Kimora added for her final blow.

Beyonce Vs Kimora Lee SimmonsSimmons could probably learn a thing or two about selling clothes from Beyonce, and she might also need to take some relationship advice from her as well.

Simmons has divorced her second husband, but claims that her kids love having two fathers instead of one.

“I do things for the sake of my children,” Djimon’s ex-wife said. “My kids are very happy, and if you ask them, they don’t have one dad that loves them, they have two.”

We were sure they would have a third on the way soon, but it seems like the egotistical fashionista hasn’t been able to fully cut herself off from her ex-husband Djimon Housou.

During a trip to Disneyland with kids Aoki, Ming, and Kenzo the parents were a little more touchy feely than we expected them to be. Staying friends for the sake of the children is one thing, but it’s obvious that there is still some love between these two.

Kimora Lee Simmons kisses Djimon in Disneylnd While some argue that they were actually never married in the first place, Kimora announced they had actually decided to separate.

Photos of her and Djimon out with the kids getting ice cream in Disneyland, however, suggest that they’re back on.

While stopping for a cool treat Simmons spoon fed her ex before leaning in for what looked like a quick smooch. While the kiss hasn’t be confirmed due to the weird angle of the photos other pics still show the Just Fab creator getting touchy feeling with her man.

From grabbing on his arm to always leaning in close to him the mother of three was still marking her territory.

We’re not sure if they’ll be getting married again (or first the first time… just depends on what rumors you believe) but we have a feeling he will certainly be around not just for the kids but for Kimora as well.


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