Kimora Lee Simmons embraces being single Kimora Lee Simmons has been separated from Djimon Hounsou for four months, but she isn’t worried about patching things up or even moping about the relationship not working out.

In her opinion, her relationships don’t simply come to an end until she starts again with another man. Instead, she views the entire dating process and the relationships within that process as an evolution.

“Relationships do change throughout the course of your life, and I always think in terms of relationships changing and evolving rather than starting and stopping” Simmons told the U.K’s Daily Mail.

The 37-year-old mother of three is embracing being single and enjoying her new family dynamic even though it does prove to be difficult at times.

The JustFab creative director is now the mother of 13-year-old Ming, 10-year-old Aoki and 3-year-old Kenzo. Russell Simmons is the father of Ming and Aoki while Kenzo is Hounsou’s son.

Kimora Lee Simmons considers herself lucky for finding two great dads Kimora admitted that both of the men will stay in her life along with her three adorable kids.

“Kids never go away from your life, and if you’ve been married, that person probably never goes away either,” Kimora said. “You never get rid of anyone and they never really get rid of you!”

Of course, having three children with two dads isn’t always easy, but the outspoken and strong fashionista has no problem conquering whatever challenges may come her way especially when it concerns the well being of her kids.

“I try to do everything from the viewpoint of what’s best for my kids,” she added. “I have three kids and two great dads and it’s not always easy, but you have to try to be a little selfless and we manage just fine.”

So will the beautiful fashion designer be adding another man to the mix?

Rumors were swirling that Simmons was seeing heavyweight boxer Malik “King” Scott, but if you ask her she’s enjoying the single life and spending time with her family.

“I’m not with anyone at the moment,” she said. “It’s just my kids and their two dads, I guess.”

Kimora Lee Simmons opens up about Hounsou split Despite being an absolutely stunning woman she admitted that even she has problems when it comes to dating.

The former Baby Phat designer struggles to find men who are okay with her financial and social status that may make most men feel as if they don’t necessarily get that man of the house title.

“They have a lot of insecurities about who we are, what we have, what we look like, what we’ve accomplished and what we’re capable of because we’re fabulous and capable of doing so much and juggling so much every day,” she said of all men in general. “People might be mad I’m saying this, but [men] do have a lot of hang-ups. But that shouldn’t deter you ladies from being great! You don’t have to dumb down – you just have to find a clever, good, secure man.”

Don’t think that she is bashing her former husbands, however, because she made it clear that she considers herself lucky for being able to find the men she has.

“I’ve found a couple – I’ve been lucky – but it’s probably hard for everybody to find that true love of a good man,” she concluded.

Hopefully she will take as much time as she needs to focus on her adorable children before finding another “good man” to start another relationship with.

While there is nothing wrong with making a few mistakes or finding yourself ending your second marriage, it can be confusing for kids to understand this concept of having a mother and two fathers. Adding a third “dad” to the mix probably isn’t the best thing for the family right now.


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