Largest Real-Time Clinical Health Database Launched

Practice Fusion, an electronic health records company, recently launched Insight by Practice Fusion, a free research tool for healthcare professionals, public health organizations, and research institutions.

Insight by Practice Fusion allows users to view information such as current outbreaks and prescription drug usage.

“Real-time patient health data has been kept under lock and key, both because of technology limitations and the companies monetizing that data at a high cost–until today.” says Ryan Howard, founder and CEO, Practice Fusion. “Insight unleashes powerful, de-identified health data from tens of millions of real patients and more than 2,000 drug therapies in real time, at no cost.”

Healthcare researchers, physicians, and analysts can now obtain health information composed of more than 81 million patient records (minus personally identifiable information) that can be used to supplement healthcare research. The database contains information such as diagnoses across patient populations. Information can be obtained in real-time.

“We created this free version of Insight for research institutions, public health organizations, medical providers and public researchers to help address our most pressing health care problems,” says Richard Loomis, MD, PhD, director of Medical Informatics at Practice Fusion.

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