A Black fitness trainer in Great Britain has gone viral after he shared his surprise over learning backers of Donald Trump‘s 2020 campaign have apparently been using his photo and editing it to appear as if he is a supporter of the American president.

Rykard Jenkins tweeted and posted on Instagram Thursday a side-by-side photo of him wearing a red Foxberry Boys snapback and another where the hat appears to have been edited to read, “President Trump 2020 Keep America Great.”

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Rykard Jenkins’ original photo, uploaded to Instagram on September 22, 2018, and the one that appears to have been edited by an ad on Conservative News Daily. (Photo: @rykardjenkins/Instagram)

Jenkins, who famously appeared on the U.K. edition of “Love Island,” captioned the image, “Woke up this morning to know I’m the face of the @realdonaldtrump 2020 campaign? 🇺🇸 #OnlyInAmerica.”

The image swiftly went viral, even making its way to the U.K. publication “The Sun,” which the 28-year-old also shared.

The original image was uploaded by Jenkins to his social media account in September 2018. An undated advertorial on the interwebs uses the reality TV star’s image as well as selfies of other people. The ad claims to be giving away caps promoting Trump’s reelection for a limited time.

“In celebration of President Trump’s achievements and his re-election campaign we’re giving away a limited amount of these exclusive Trump 2020 hats for FREE, but only for a limited time or while stocks last,” the ad reads in part. “We just ask you to cover the minimal shipping and handling fees. These awesome high quality hats actually retail for $29.95 on Amazon and other websites.”

In response, many on Twitter sounded off. Some urged Jenkins to take legal action.

“Lawyer up son, cause you got a case! The money from the litigation could help your cause!”

“Woah! They shouldn’t be using you without permission for money.”

One shared another example of Trump’s campaign patrons apparently using images of other Black people to enhance the diversity of Trump’s supporters.

“You AND Eazy-E. lol,” one Twitter user responded quoting an October 2018 screenshot of a Facebook group called Black Americans for the President’s Agenda.

And others simply sounded off on the use of the trainer’s pic in general.

“Trump is just sad he lost his African American the other day. I mean, he loves ‘the Blacks.’”

“Can’t believe Trump is trying to slander our light skinned kings!

“Lmao they went and stole a British dudes pic to peddle hats made in China for an American President who was aided by Russian oligarchs like come on y’all”

Still, Jenkins appears to be taking it all in stride. In a since-deleted reply to one person who urged him to sue, he said according to the Mirror, “Haha! Tbh I’ll be happy for a free week in Trump Tower.”

The Trump campaign has not issued any public response to the outcry.

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