Leonardo DiCaprio is the year’s highest paid actor (from May 2010 to May 2011). Chi-Ching! This guy is beating out other mega stars like Johnny Depp ($50 Million), funny man Adam Sandler ($40 Million), black man Will Smith ($36 Million) and ol’ reliable Tom Hanks ($35 million). Those stars are coming up short compared to Dicaprio’s staggering $77 millions. How can you beat a man that starred in a movie like Inception and also Shutter Island – both for a combined gross of $1.2 billion?

All I got to say is DiCaprio is paid and super talented. So when you read this article, DiCaprio: Can atlantablackstar get a dollar??

With DiCaprio making all this kind of money, Quentin Tarantino has got to be skippy that Dicaprio signed on to star in ‘Django Unchained





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