Lil Scrappy‘s wife and mother of his child Bambi decided to set someone straight who referred to her as a “side chick,” and she did so succinctly, while seemingly keeping her composure.

It started when a social media user with the handle cameilla_iris left a comment under a photo of Bambi and Scrappy playing with their daughter Breland Richardson.

Bambi responded to a social media user who called her a “side chick.” (Photo: The Shade Room Instagram)

“Side chick turned wifey. #Goals,” that person wrote under a post that surfaced on Friday (March 15).

Bambi shot back and told cameilla_iris that she was never a side chick, and that’s why she’s now Scrappy’s wife.

“Side chicks become baby mommas, honey,” wrote Bambi. “I’ve always been the one.”

Afterwards, a lot of folks brought up Erica Dixon, who Scrappy also has a child with named Emani Richardson, and some thought Bambi was referring to Dixon as the one who’s the real side chick.

“She’s saying if she was just a side chick, then she would be another BM like Erica. But instead she’s his wifey,” one person wrote.

Others said Bambi was the real side chick, because Dixon was with the “Head Bussa” rapper first, but a lot of people disagreed with that reasoning.

“She was never the side chick,” someone wrote about Scrappy’s wife. “He and Erica was done when they was talking….. and he might of slid with Erica a few times that why she said that.”

But there’s a good chance that Dixon couldn’t care less about being referred to as a side chick — if that was the case — because last month the former “Love and Hip-Hop: Atlanta” star announced that she’s pregnant with twins, and she’s due in May.

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