Black Ink Crew: Chicago” star Rachel Leigh, the ex-girlfriend of boss Ryan Henry, made a special appearance during last night’s episode, and viewers had varied reactions.

Henry and Leigh first began dating in high school and have been off and on for years during their relationship. They pair ended season 4 on a high note until Henry revealed this season that Leigh had a rough time trusting him after his cheating scandal during season 2 with Katrina “Kat” Jackson, his former employee. The pair broke up during the hiatus of season 4.

Fast-forward to the current season, season 5, and Leigh had yet to make an appearance until the March 6 episode, the season finale. 9MAG employees — who’ve expressed the idea that Henry seemingly gets an ego trip when he’s around Leigh — were shocked to see their boss’s ex at his new 9MAG shop grand opening.

Rachel Leigh
Ryan Henry and Rachel Leigh. (Photo: @VH1)

Leigh, who shares an 11-year-old son with Henry, greeted her off-and-on again boyfriend with open arms. The pair even seemed real cozy as they posed for a photo together. During the episode, the former couple were asked if they were back together and neither party answered the question. Leigh especially tried to avoid the question after departing from Henry and the rest of his crew to supposedly “get a drink.”

A few “Black Ink” viewers were stunned to see Leigh make a guest appearance on the season finale, but not all were happy.

“Here comes boring Rachel I hope she don’t come back next season! Well Idk she’s like his back bone but at the same time his pimp 🤷‍♀️.”

“We don’t want her 🤷‍♀️.You have enough Chicago Rejects on the show already ! Damn!”

“Am I the only one happy to see Rachel? Hell yessssss , I love them together ! She a rider frfr.”

“I love you Rachel you are my favorite girl glad to see you back.”

Leigh shared a photo of her and Henry on Jan. 6, seemingly proving they’re back together, but the status of their relationship remains unknown. Henry did say despite their relationship woes they’ll always have a healthy co-parenting relationship.

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