Psych: Juliet alongside Shawn

It’s pilot season! With Maggie Lawson joining a new untitled ABC comedy pilot, what does this mean for her current co-star role in the beloved dramedy, USA’s Psych?

The new, untitled pilot is from the writers of Las Vegas, Mark and Robb Cullen. Lawson will headline the single-camera comedy, opposite her co-star, James Caan (Elf).

Lawson will play the character of Terry, a recently divorced single mom who temporarily moves in with her estranged father (Caan), a beer-guzzling, former baseball player. Terry reluctantly begins coaching her son’s Little League team and finds herself drawn back into the sport world she once left behind.

So, the untitled comedy sounds pretty interesting on paper, but what about on film? If the pilot actually gets picked up, what will happen to Lawson’s character on Psych?

No worries, Psych-O’s, Psych has been renewed through season eight, regardless of what happens to Lawson’s character, Juliet.

Lawson, 32, has co-starred on Psych since the beginning. Although Season 7 does not premiere until February 27, USA has renewed Psych for a shortened eight-episode eighth season. Filming for Season 8 is set to commence in April, according to Deadline, meaning Lawson would have time to film Psych Season 8 before  production would begin on her new show, if ABC picks up the series.

The bad news, Psych-O’s? Lawson’s casting on the ABC pilot is in first position, which basically means that if her new series is picked up and Psych is renewed for a Season 9, it’s uncertain what would happen to Lawson’s character, Juliet.

Since Lawson’s character, Juliet, is a detective who gets thrown into dangerous situations during each hour-long episode, let’s go ahead and speculate that her character would be the starring role in a two-part cliffhanger, ultimately killing off the sweet Juliet. That’s just one crazy thought, though.

No worries, you loyal Pineapple seekers (true fans know the reference), I doubt the writers would actually kill Juliet, one of the favorite characters. The actual plan is to wrap the series after Season 8… meaning no Season 9.

So, if Lawson’s new untitled ABC pilot is picked up, will Psych fans be happy for the starlet? Or will you secretly hope the pilot fails, in hopes of Psych sticking around for a Season 9?


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