Matt Barnes Says Too Many Women Use Child Support On Themselves: ‘It Don’t Cost $60,000 To Raise No Children’

Matt Barnes had something to say after he got into it with Blac Chyna on social media.

Recently, Rob Kardashian, who has a daughter with Chyna, tried to get the courts to lower the amount of child support he pays. And underneath a headline that said he could no longer afford his $20,000 month child support payments, Barnes posted a fist emoji to show support.

Matt Barnes Says Too Many Women Use Child Support Money On Themselves

As we previously reported, the former NBA star won full physical and legal custody of his two twin boys against Gloria Govan, so he could certainly relate to Kardashian’s child support drama.

But that didn’t matter to Blac Chyna, because she dissed Barnes for getting involved.

“I don’t know you, bruh,” she wrote. “Mind your own business, loser.”

Barnes then shot back and brought up Chyna’s past as an exotic dancer.

“Back to the pole you go,” he wrote.

Later, the 38-year-old dad posted a video and said he didn’t care if Chyna was offended, nor anyone else. He also criticized the court system and said too many women use child support money on themselves.

“We know the system is broken,” he said. “It don’t cost $60,000, $50,000, $40,000, $20,000 to raise no children. We all know that. Most of these women are out here buying cars, buying bags, taking vacations off that child support money. So if I want to support a fellow dude going through some bullsh– I’m going to do it.”

“And the end of the day, it’s just my opinion,” added Barnes. “Everybody’s got an opinion on something. It don’t really matter. If you don’t like my opinion, don’t like my opinion. I don’t care if you don’t like it. It’s just the way I feel. I’m speaking on personal experience.”

Kardashian hasn’t mentioned Barnes giving him support, and Chyna and Barnes stopped beefing after that one exchange.

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