Maya Angelou Honored in ‘Because of Them We Can’ Campaign

Maya Angelou honored in 'Because of Them We Can' campaign. (Image: Youtube Screenshot)

It’s been a little more than a month since we lost the great literary icon  Maya Angelou, but her work and legacy continues to live on.

Proving that Angelou’s work has an impact on all generations, Eunique Jones of the “Because of Them We Can” campaign debuted a very special video during this past weekend’s BET Awards pre-dinner that showcased what Dr. Angelou’s work taught young girls today.

Reciting lines from the infamous “Phenomenal Woman” poem, the young girls dressed up in head wraps and pearls, while some rocked their natural fros, as they recited the legendary piece of art work.  In the end, a note to Angelou is written that says, “Thank you for helping us believe.”

Watch the adorable video below of the young girls showing how the late poet’s work crossed generational lines and impacted girls and women of all ages.

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