Rapper Meek Mill, who said he does not believe in God, apparently has  strong  feelings about one of the staple phrases of Christian life, amen.

Not only is it the title of a song on his mixtape, Dreamchasers 2, but he took serious offense to a pastor who took offense of his use of the word at the end of volatile lyrics.

Pastor Jomo K. Johnson, of Philadelphia’s Open Air Church in Philadelphia, called for a boycott of the song, saying, “All behavior starts with a belief.  As young men and women are indoctrinated with this music, this belief, especially him [Meek] being from North Philadelphia, they’re going to follow what he does. I see it firsthand. I go door-to-door in North Philadelphia, I state it again, he left North Philadelphia I still live there.”  He added, ‘As a Hip-Hop fan, I decided to check it out [‘Amen’] and listen to the lyrics.  I was just completely shocked that Meek Mill, knowing that Philadelphia is a highly religious community, he would choose to make a song thanking the good Lord, for things that are completely contrary to the holiness of God.”

That did not sit well with Meek, who called into Philly’s 107.9 radio to air his grievances. “The way I’m looking at it is,” he said to Pastor Johnson, “you want to be famous. You want some money, or you’re trying to get your church some money,  If you want that, you could have came to me and said that, or we could have had a talk about this. I’m out here feeding my family. For you to be talking about you trying to ban me? I done took 20, 30 drug dealers off the street. I’m out here passing out them coats to them kids, where was you at?”

Meek says he was raised in the church but quickly said he doesn’t want to hear about all that and sounded like he said he doesn’t even really believe in God.  “I don’t want to hear nothing you’re talking about on that tip, I’m talking about reality.”

The Pastor reiterated in the interview that Meek said he doesn’t believe in God, so it explains why he would do the song.  And Meek didn’t refute it.


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