The lines are being drawn on the season finale of “Basketball Wives” and fans are taking sides in the process.

“I really wanna talk to O.G. and let her know when she’s around things escalate every time,” Shaunie O’Neal tells Malaysia Pargo, Evelyn Lozada and Kristen Scott as they continue their vacation in Costa Rica. “It’s not your fight. Even if somebody else has a fight, it’s not yours.”

“Evelyn, you’ve had a gone moment a couple times a year,” O’Neal added of Lozada’s outburst that saw her make vulgar motions in O.G.’s direction. In a confessional scene, O’Neal said “crazy things have been said,” possibly pointing to O.G.’s dig to Lozada about her ex-husband, Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.

“It’s made me reconsider who should actually, really be in this group,” O’Neal reflected. She also noted to her co-stars that she fears O.G. will “make it a thing” if she were to attend a lunch O’Neal has planned.

Meanwhile, Jackie Christie, CeCe Gutierrez and O.G. caught up. The former Legends Football League cornerback suspected the other ladies were “bonding over their hate” for her, Gutierrez or Christie.

“The only way they can act is to act out like animals, and we don’t need to be around that,” Gutierrez says. “And I really don’t feel that we should ever see them again for the rest of the trip.”

Viewers have seemed to side with Gutierrez and her group as many have sounded off against O’Neal, who is also the executive producer of “Basketball Wives.”

“After this season Shaunie need to stay her ass behind the scenes. You can’t be a cast member and decide when people can come around or not. Trying to spin this narrative and no one is believing it.”

“Totally delusional”

“They literally want to bully CeCe and keep Og away. Jackie is playing both sides, so they wanna isolate CeCe”

“I’m so glad Tami left and ‘unfollowed’ Shaunie so the viewers can actually see how messy Shaunie actually is”

“Shaunie needs to step off the show. She has all the power and wields it unfairly. This is so difficult to watch”

“Crazy thing is she’s the messiest one on the show. Watch season 1 of BBW LA again she was the one calling the girls to tell them what Jackie said about them.”

O’Neal has been called out for allegedly stirring the pot before. In January, fans called out the EP when she said on Instagram, “If you were wondering why we’re not cool ” after sharing a meme about unsupportive people.

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