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Microsoft's HoloLens could be the sea change the company needs to stay relevant. (Image credit: Microsoft)

Wednesday, Microsoft unveiled its vision of the future of computing.

It uses holograms, and looks dope.

Dubbed HoloLens, the future is in the form headset that takes inspiration from the company’s Kinect product, the motion-sensing device for Xbox and Windows computers.

[VIDEO: Check the HoloLens In Action Below]

Built into the visor is a slew of cameras and sensors that records an incredible amount of data, processes it, and presents it to you through the specially designed lens that allows you to interact with 3D objects in the real world.

The end result is holograms, and interacting with them by using your head and fingers to drag, point, click, and play with them. It’s futuristic to say the least, but shows how Microsoft isn’t resting on its laurels.

The end result calls the notion of having a desk into question. Why, when you can work from anywhere? on a coffee table, in your living room, or in the conference room.


So Microsoft’s HoloLens prototype looks like just that: a prototype. But so does Google Glass, the wearable that put a small screen in front of your face. What makes one different from the other? Potential.

While Google Glass puts what is essentially a smartphone screen next to your eye, HoloLens allows you to interact with 3D objects in the real world. It’s a new type of wearable, one that Google can’t touch with Glass.

Transform Your World With Holograms – Microsoft… by ftubehd

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