50 Cent said he likes buying gifts for children, but a lot of people found the wording he used incredibly strange.

On Tuesday night the rapper shared a photo of two of a friend’s kids and the Rolex watches he purchased for them over the holidays.

50 Cent says he "gets off" by buying expensive gifts for children and fans tell him to change his wording.

“I got these for my Boy’s baby girl and son for Christmas,” he wrote. “Good kids for some reason I get off on seeing them happy.”

In light of R. Kelly, who’s been recently hit with 10 sexual abuse charges, after a video reportedly was found that showed him abusing a 14-year-old girl, people considered 50 using the words “get off” a bad choice. They also told him to immediately change the wording before he gets himself into trouble.

“The “I get off part” 🤭 You could’ve used a better choice of word… (unless your taking shots at @rkelly) but it still sounds weird,” someone wrote.

“Sounds a little pedo ish. Might wanna edit this fella,” a second person suggested.

There were others who didn’t criticize the rapper for his wording, but they slammed him for the type of gifts he bought the children. Some thought contributing to their college education would’ve been better, while a few said the little ones probably don’t even know what a Rolex is.

But a number of people stood up for 50 and said a Rolex maintains its value over the years, assuming it’s kept in mint condition so they could sell the watches for college tuition later. Plus, there were some who didn’t mind the wording Fif used.

“Y’all some ducks stop making sh–bad he doing something good,” one person wrote.

But others still told him to edit his post before more people take it the wrong way. 

“Change the last sentence fif lol… not in this climate… u gotta stay on point with everything you say…” someone commented.

The G-Unit rapper hasn’t responded to the fuss yet, and his post is still up.

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