Mike Tyson is a big proponent of marijuana and CBD use. So much so, that he’s opened Tyson Ranch in California, a resort that will allow people to use weed products during their stay there.

Plus, the retired boxer has several marijuana-based businesses under his company Tyson Holistic Holdings, and he now wants to use the weed industry to help build up the Caribbean.

Mike Tyson wants to help build Antigua and Barbuda’s economy through his cannabis company. (Photo: James Gilbert/Getty Images Sport via Getty Images)

Last month, Tyson told reporters that he wants to bring an annual cannabis conference, as well as a marijuana farm to Antigua and Barbuda in April 2020. And it’s something he’s already discussed with The Prime Minister of Antigua and Barbuda Gaston Browne, who’s fully on board.

Both places were hit with two hurricanes, Irma and Maria, in 2017, and Tyson believes the marijuana industry can help with relief efforts.

“It will be good for the country and will bring in much-needed funds to help your economy,” Tyson told reporters.

“[The conference] will be like the Davos of cannabis,” Browne described. “It will take place on an annual basis and will bring stakeholders from throughout the globe for that matter right here on Antigua to discuss various opportunities within the industry.”

“So we are very excited about that,” he added. “They are also interested in establishing a hotel accommodation property and they will be looking at a number of sites to determine suitability.” 

A tourism official also spoke of the conference, as well as the farm and said they’ll serve as great employment opportunities for locals. They’ll also help boost the number of people visiting Antigua and Barbuda since tourism has been down.

“Our tourism numbers are falling and anything we can do to promote and help bring in the tourists should be welcomed,” said the official. “We depend heavily on tourism, which helps create employment for our people. We are grateful to Mike Tyson for coming to the rescue.”

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