Millennials Choose Smartphones Over Deodorant

The Bank of America Trends in Consumer Mobility report interviewed 1,000 adults who listed how they value different objects in their everyday lives.

The data broke down how millennials evaluate their priorities and revealed that they believe a smartphone is more important than their deodorant. CNBC, who published the reports, found the results surprisingly “stinky,” as 87% believed that their deodorant was essential to them, while 93% of those interviewed said a smartphone was “very” or “somewhat” important.

In addition, 91% valued their toothbrushes as a daily importance, so it’s cool to know that people still find worth in their smile. Older adults actually ranked smartphones and deodorant as equal in their lives at 91%. But, the rancid results may bode unfortunately to those who are also jobless and looking. “If people can smell you before they see you, you aren’t getting the job,” Susan RoaAne, author of How to Work a Room, a guide on what to do to land a job, told CNBC.

Do you see this as a trend that millennials can grow out of? Speak on it below.


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