Millennials: What You Have in Common with the Nation’s Top Trusted Brands

Entrepreneur recently published an article listing the nation’s 120 most trusted brands, and each time an article like this is published —whether it’s top leaders, brands or trends—I love to find the glue that bonds each person, brand or trend together that makes it great. It’s those lessons one can learn as to how these brands even made the list that fascinate and intrigue me the most because I want to find a way to tap into the greatness and emulate it.

The publication surveyed more than 5,000 readers to find out about the companies that elicit their greatest loyalty and trust. Some of the brands are my tried-and-true favorites, from Sephora to Trader Joe’s to JetBlue Airways. On why consumers chose these brands, the magazine noted the following:

What our survey revealed is that brands that deliver on their promises, that consistently give consumers the highest level of service and best product—not just star-studded commercials or marketing hype—topped the list. Brands that think, feel and act like entrepreneurs, those that push to keep pace with customer demands and changing technology while staying true to their core principles, were the most respected.

*Cue the marching band.*

  • Deliver on promises.
  • Give consumers the highest level of service and best product.
  • Think, feel and act like entrepreneurs.
  • Keep pace with demands and changing technology.
  • Stay true to core principals.

These are all qualities and practices that millennials can incorporate in building professional reputations and brands. If you’re reliable, offer your best, treat everyone with respect and courtesy, think like an entrepreneur (even if working within an organization, ie an intrapreneur), become a life learner and remain true to your purpose, you will see major long-term wins.

Who wouldn’t want to be among the greats in their industry—known as someone who can be trusted as a leader and innovator in their field? Take a cue from the practices of some of the brands that made the list and incorporate positive traits of the way they do business into your professional life and/or job search. Trust me, it’ll do wonders for your career and your livelihood.

What brands do you trust, and how can you incorporate their positive business practices f0r your career advancement? #Soundoff and follow me on Twitter @JPHazelwood.

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