The state closed down in-home daycare “Pooh and Crew” in Pascagoula, MS on Dec. 11 after an 18-month-old boy was reportedly assaulted by another child.

Dakota Hudson, 1, suffered several scratches and cuts on his face, head, eyes and chest after he was attacked by a 4-year-old once in an unsupervised room. The toddler was reportedly taken to the hospital from the daycare after his mother Latoye Hudson arrived to pick him up.

“I want the community to know because I want my son to be the last victim,” Dakota’s father Trent Hudson told the Sun Herald. “I’ll never want another child or parent to endure this.”

Latoye Hudson
(photo credit: screenshot from CBS 46/ Toddler Dakota Hudson was reportedly attacked at daycare.)

The daycare operator told the parents that she’d stepped out of the room for “only a second” but the Trent and Latoye believe it was more than a second after seeing the multiple injuries their son sustained.

The outraged parents shared a Facebook post regarding the incident which received over 60,000 shares online.

State officials said on Tuesday that “Pooh & Crew” has now been closed down and a cease-and-desist order was issued by the health department.

“Pooh and Crew is not licensed nor has it applied for a license at this time,” Liz Sharlot, a spokeswoman for the Mississippi State Department of Health stated. “Since this facility was out of compliance with the law — and we only investigate licensed facilities — the complaint (regarding the child) has been turned over to the Department of Human Services.”

Authorities told WLOX that they’ve been investigating the incident since learning of the incident. Mississippi health officials found that the daycare had been operating with more than five children in their care which by state law requires the business to become a licensed facility.

Pascagoula Police Capt. Shannon Massey stated on Wednesday, “The police department is not releasing any information in reference to this case due to it being an active investigation and a juvenile issue.”

The Hudson family said their 18-month-old has been traumatized by the incident and no longer gravitates towards other children like he used to.

The mother said the other child who attacked her son was previously removed from another daycare for similar behavior.

“You knew this child had these types of issues, there’s no reason why he should have been left alone even for a second with a one-year-old,” Latoye told the news station.


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