Pose actress MJ Rodriguez has officially become a celebrity spokesperson for Olay Body, thus making her the first trans woman to secure a skincare deal with Olay, according to Blavity.

“Olay Body is leading by example for other brands by opening doors for trans individuals like myself,” the actress said in a statement. “I am so excited to work with Olay Body on this campaign leading up to my speech at the Diversity Summit. This is officially my first ever beauty campaign—I am so thankful to have the opportunity to show other trans women of color everywhere that they are seen and that they are worthy.”

Rodriguez made an announcement via her Instagram account, “WOW! TODAY IS FINALLY THE DAY… I’m down here in Washington D.C. Speaking on the importance of diversity, inclusion, and equality! I am feeling all types of confident for my speech at the Diversity Summit thanks to my friends at @Olay Body.”

“Today marks the final day of my 14 Day Skin Transformation where I didn’t have to use anything but @Olay Body Ultra Moisture with Shea Butter to get this gorgeous smooth skin, IN ONLY TWO WEEEEKKKSSSS. After today I’m stepping forward into the future with confidence and I am loving my soft and moisturized skin x​oxox #OlayBodyPartner #fearlessmoment

In November, Rodriguez took on an activist role as the keynote speaker at the 5th Annual Diversity Summit which was held at George Washington University. The aim of the conference was to create dialogue and raise awareness about diversity and inclusion among higher learning professionals.

The cosmetics giant Olay, owned by parent company Procter & Gamble, signed the Imagen Award-winning actress as the spokesperson of Olay Body’s 14 Day Skin Transformation campaign.

“For starters, I’ve never been able to be considered for a partnership like this,” Rodriguez tells The Cut. “A lot of girls like myself—trans women—we don’t get the opportunity to have open dialogue, let alone be in partnership with organizations like this.” Rodriguez hopes to use the platform to bring attention to LGBTQ issues. “As a woman, as a black or Latina or trans woman, we have to constantly give words of affirmation to ourselves. It’s just hard for us,” she says. “I’m just focusing on amplifying my voice, trying to get it out there as much as possible.”

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