Month of the Man: Hit-Making Producer Shares Three Steps for Career Success In Music

Music producer and entrepreneur, Carvin Haggins (Image: Haggins) presents Month of the Man, where we bring you career features, insights and advice tailored for male leaders of color all over the world.

Yesterday, we shared with you career advancement insights from hit-making producer Carvin Haggins (@carvinhaggins), who has spent the past two decades creating classics for artists including Musiq SoulChild, Raheem Devaughn, Justin Timberlake and Chrisette Michele.

In part 2, Haggins shares his next moves and three steps young men interested in making boss moves on the business and production side of music to gain success:

So what’s next in your career goals for your company and producing music?

In addition to working with established artists, I am focusing much of my time on the development of my up-and-coming artist Bria Marie. The 21-year-old Temple University student is making change music. I am all about making music that matters and means something. For me, it isn’t about chasing checks. It’s about making good music for the world to hear–the kind of music that will stay around forever.

What three steps can budding producers take–especially young men of color—to gain success in the industry?

1.  Practice: Just like a basketball players goes to the gym every day to work on ball handling, shooting, and skill work, you have to practice. During those times when you are not getting calls from artists or labels asking for production work, get in the studio and make music. Pick an artist and imagine that you are producing a song that will be their next major hit.

2. Stay true to your core: The music will never lie. Do not get caught up in what sound is hot at the moment just to put out a track. Stay true to who you are, and the music that you produce will live and breathe.

3. Determination and realistic assessment of skills is everything: You can’t let things deter you from what you want. Failure is part of success. Once you look at how you’ve failed, you don’t have to do it again. Now, you can try something new to reach a success point. Being able to evaluate yourself honestly is the best way to reach success. To be honest with yourself and know what you are willing to go through. Be focused and don’t let failure cripple you.

(Check out part 1, where Carvin Haggins talks his career path and how to break into the music business behind-the-scenes, here.)

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