Once again, North Korean President Kim Jong Eun has threatened the nuclear destruction of southern neighbor South Korea and its president, Lee Myung-bak.

It’s hard to take Kim seriously with his pudgy man-child appearance, his painfully obvious lack of experience and his goofy threats. But it’s hard not to take him seriously when he holds the reigns of a nuclear arsenal that could actually make good on some of those goofy threats to South Korea and the rest of the world.

Ever since the passing of his father, the stalwart Kim Jong Il, the “great successor” has failed to fill his father’s weird but big shoes to any impressive extent. On April 13, Kim experienced a very public epic fail with the unsuccessful launch of a rocket. He has periodically taken to issuing threats against the South Korean president who has been vocal in his disapproval of the new North Korean president and has pushed for greater privatization of the economy.

Sounding like a posturing rapper spewing incendiary rap beef in his threats against South Korea, Kim, in awkward syntax, promised to reduce Seoul to ashes “in three or four minutes…by unprecedented peculiar means and moods of our own style.” He should have just quoted Biggie: “Those that violate me, I shall annihilate thee!”


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