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More Vegetables and Fish, Less Meat Can Help Prevent Colon Cancer

fresh vegetablesColorectal cancer (colon cancer) is the second leading cause of cancer in the United States and now may be primarily prevented by eating your broccoli.

The research community tells us individuals can take steps to reduce their risk by as much as 20 percent.

In a study published Monday in JAMA Internal Medicine researchers at Loma Linda University in California looked at over 77,000 people and found that vegetarians had a 20 percent risk reduction, while those who incorporated fish into their diet and ate meat less than once a month lowered their risk up to 40 percent.

“Our vegetarians not only ate less meat than the non-vegetarians, but also less sweets, snack foods, refined grains and caloric beverages,” Dr. Michael J. Orlich of Loma Linda University in California said to TechTimes.

Dr. Orlich and his research team found 380 cases of colon cancer and 110 cases of rectal cancer.

The vegetarians are also more likely to consume higher amounts of fruits, veggies, beans, and nuts.

Thus, the message here is that everything in moderation can lead a healthy lifestyle. It is not necessary to become a strict vegan to see the benefits of a healthier you.

S.C. Rhyne is a blogger and novelist in New York City. Follow the author on Twitter @ReporterandGirl, and visit her website at

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