Motivational Monday: Power in the Pause

Sometimes careers can be silent killers.

Now, I don’t mean in the same way as tobacco – those anti smoking commercials totally gross me out– or even blatant stress (you know, tension headaches, etc…). I am talking about functioning in a state of haze. For me that often manifests as missing the details, specifically in my personal life. For example, last week a friend offered to pick me up from the airport…but I told them I was arriving on the wrong day! Three weeks before, my sister told me she was coming to town and I absolutely forgot the date.

Both events made me realize something major: I was there, but I wasn’t present. I was having conversations and engaging with the folks I loved, but still not giving them what they needed and deserved. Why? I wasn’t making time. I was just showing up. While I love my career, being on the go stops me from taking a pause and paying attention to the details at times. Simply adding things to my to do list doesn’t mean that I am fully giving important events and people the attention they deserve. The result? I was killing a part of my relationships, and nixing the chance of fully enjoying experiences.

I know I am not alone. How many of you have put something on your calendar, but missed an important component simply because you are busy? You know, you get to the baby shower, but didn’t make the time to find the gift you really wanted to give so you end up combing the gift card rack at CVS before the event.

Or you find yourself forgetting the day of the week, missing events because you’ve booked things too closely or just find it hard to concentrate.

The answer is simple: Pause. Take time out each day to pray/meditate or purely indulge of a few moments of silence to get centered. The quiet time will help to get you to slow down physically and mentally. Most important, it allows you to feel in control of your time… and yourself.

This week, challenge yourself to find time to press pause every morning– and let us know how it changes your day!

Here are some tips on how to find time to press “Pause.”

  1. First Five. Dedicate the first five minutes of the morning to silence.
  2. On Your Commute. Don’t be ashamed of taking a break on the train or bus– especially if you travel alone. It’s a great time to get in the zone.
  3. Park and Pause. If you drive to work, take a few moments before you go into the office.
  4. Bathroom Break. Use the least trafficked restroom as a space to recoup.
  5. Walk it Out. Escape the office and take a walk to a park, or sitting area.

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