AliFloatNoBorderMuhammad Ali known as “The Greatest” boxer of all-time, has fallen ill and could be dead within days, according to his brother Rahman Ali.

Rahman Ali told the The Sun in an interview that his brother can no longer speak and does not even recognize him.

“He’s in a bad way. He’s very sick,” Rahman said. “It could be months, it could be days. I don’t know if he’ll last the summer. He’s in God’s hands. We hope he gently passes away.”

The 71-year-old Ali was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in 1984 but continued to make appearances at world and national events. He made an appearance at the 1996 Atlanta Olympic Games where he lit the Olympic flame.

Nevertheless, he made an appearance at the 2012 London Olympic Games opening ceremony but appeared to look thin and frail. He had to be assisted across the stage with the help of his wife Lonnie Ali.

Rahman, who was also a professional boxer, has accused his sister-in-law of not allowing the family to visit the sickened Ali. The last time Rahman saw his brother was in July at the Sports of Peace Gala in London. Rahman has only been allowed to speak to his brother over the phone.

The most recent health scare for Muhammad came in December of 2011. He was taken to the hospital after falling unconscious days after attending the funeral of boxing great Joe Frazier. Ali was treated for dehydration.

Before falling ill, Muhammad told his brother that he had not been feeling any pain and delivered a message to him.

“He grabbed my arm and whispered ‘Rah, I’ve achieved everything I’ve ever wanted to accomplish.  Don’t cry for me, I’m in no pain,’” Rahman told The Sun.

The ailing champion has been a part of some of the biggest boxing matches in sports history, including 1974’s ‘Rumble in the Jungle’ against George Foreman and the ‘Thrilla in Manila’ against Joe Frazier in 1975.

“It’s best he goes now,” Rahman said. “The longer he goes on, so does his suffering and misery.”

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