naomi campbell muggedLeave it to Naomi Campbell to report a mugging fashionably late. Campbell reportedly suffered a torn ligament while being mugged during a stay in France last year. On the night of Nov. 21 Campbell was attacked by a pair of men riding on a motorbike as she tried to get into a taxi in Paris’s Marais district. According to reports from Daily Mail and the New York Post, the 42-year-old model suffered a torn ligament during the altercation, but the pair didn’t manage to take anything from her, according to a complaint filed with French police. At the time of the filing, Campbell turned down a medical examination, but has since been photographed in a wheelchair with a brace.

When asked about the incident, Campbell responded briefly, telling the New York Post, “I am sorry, I do not talk to press, but I am fine.” Similarly, a spokesman for Campbell had “no comment” about the mugging or injury when asked by Daily Mail.

In the time since the incident Campbell was reportedly treated by renowned orthopedic surgeon J. Richard Steadman, at the behest of her billionaire boyfriend Vladimir Doronin. Steadman is known for treating professional athletes such as Ricky Rubio and Alex Rodriguez. Campbell has been dating the Russian businessman since 2008, and has kept a decidedly lower profile in recent years.

naomi campbell mugged in Paris


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