With his single “Daughters,” Nas joins a long list of rappers like Jay-Z and The Game to signal their evolutionary growth as rappers and as men by making a song about the glories and challenges of fatherhood.

It’s an inevitable step for rappers like Nas who have always cared deeply about the lyrical content of their music. You know what’s on his mind and in his heart by tuning into his music.

On “Daughters,” Nas delves into the pain he had to endure when his teenage daughter put up on Instagram a picture she took of a box of condoms on her dresser, saying, “At this point I realized I’m not the strictest parent, I’m too loose, too cool with her.”

Nas throws out a line that every Dad can identify with when he says, “One day she’s your little princess, the next day she’s talking boy business.”

It’s an inspiring performance by one of the most talented storytellers in hip hop.

“They say the coolest players and the foulest heartbreakers in the world, God gets us back—he makes us have precious little girls,” he raps toward the end of the powerful single, the third from his forthcoming album, Life Is Good.





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