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Nelly’s lawyer has previously slammed sexual assault allegations against his client. (Photo by Jennifer Lourie/FilmMagic)

Amid two other women stepping forward to accuse Nelly of sexual assault and rape, his girlfriend has refuted the claims. In an amendment to the injunction against “Nelly (and his penis)” to prevent him from harming other women, new details have been unveiled about the accusers’ encounters. But Shantel Jackson isn’t buying their stories.

One woman claimed the rapper put his hand up her dress after a June 2016 concert in the UK, according to documents obtained by Spin magazine. The married mother and member of the military met Nelly with a friend in a VIP area after the show before heading to a party.

“Defendant Nelly was sitting on a desk/ledge looking down at Jane Doe 1, when he said, ‘let me see it.’ Jane Doe 1 was shocked and asked, ‘what?’ She realized then that he expected to have sex with her. She was disappointed in him and disgusted. She said, ‘I thought we were too cool for this.'”

The documents then said Nelly asked if the woman had “a boo” to which she flashed her wedding ring, despite claiming he had already known her marital status.

“Defendant Nelly got off the table ledge and came close to her,” it continued. “He placed his hand on her leg, rubbed it and put his hand up her dress. This was done without Jane Doe 1’s consent.”

The other plaintiff, a married mother of two, said Nelly masturbated in front of her in Dec. 2017 after he took her to a room adjacent to his dressing room.

“You want this d— don’t you,” he said. Then, the woman objected and moved away but he masturbated in front of her once more, saying he wanted “to come in your mouth and all over you.” The plaintiff then protested once more, telling Nelly to “f— off” and alleged he clinched his fist and pulled it back. When she asked about it, he replied, “no,” according to documents.

Then, he allegedly grabbed her head to try to force her to give him oral sex.

“Defendant Nelly put his right hand on the back of her head and his left hand on her shoulder and forced her head down pushing his erect penis into her mouth. … Once he thought he had her in position, Defendant Nelly released her shoulder,” the document said. “Jane Doe 2 jumped back, twisted and fell backwards into the shower curtain. She was able to scramble out of the room. As she exited Defendant Nelly yelled, ‘cunt!'”

On Instagram Thursday, Jan. 25, Jackson raced to her MC boyfriend’s defense, however. While she admitted he “f—– up,” she said the dates don’t add up on the Jane Does’ claims.

“Having to go through all of this publicly is the worst feeling ever,” she said. “But this should not open the door to false claims. … I was at those venues, in the dressing rooms, and on that tour bus. There are women dealing with real issues of sexual assault and for the first time people are listening and there is a chance for real change. But all of this work is discredited and makes things harder for survivors when people lie.”

Although Greene has since dropped her rape lawsuit against Nelly, the rapper — who has denied her allegations — and his lawyer have threatened to sue her.

“This type of reckless false allegation cannot be tolerated,” attorney Scott Rosenblum said in a statement to the Associated Press in December, “as it is an affront to the real survivors of sexual assault.”

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