New 'Jack Reacher' Trailer Sizzles

New Jack Reacher Trailer Sizzles

The new Jack Reacher trailer has arrived unofficially and somewhat discretely via Yahoo movie.

Adapted from the book One Shot, Tom Cruise stars as Reacher, a homicide investigator who digs deeper into a case involving a sniper who shot five random victims and terrorizes the city.

The prime suspect is a former military man himself who claims innocence and demands Reacher’s services. The case seems like an easy open and closed case, but soon Rock Of Ages actor’s character realizes that there is much more to the whole case.

The movie, which is based on the character created by author Lee Child, had its fair share of controversy. When Cruise was cast, many critics addressed concerns that the actor wasn’t tall enough and didn’t have the right build.

Cruise stars alongside a star studded cast including Rosamund Pike, Robert Duvall, Richard Jenkins, Werner Herzog and David Oyelowo.  Christopher McQuarrie not only wrote the film but he also directed.

Paramount Pictures is slated to release Jack Reacher via theaters December 28, 2012.




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