There’s still no full trailer for Star Trek Into Darkness, even though the movie is about two months away from release. Instead, we’ve got another teaser, which has allowed a few more tiny plot details and new images to escape from J.J. Abram’s ever-tight lips.

This teaser introduces some more lightheartedness into the pervasive grimness that’s been seen in most of the promo material up until now. There’s still Benedict Cumberbatch being ominous and buildings blowing up, but there’s also Captain Kirk being wacky, Spock being dry, and Bones screaming about hating adventuring. The chemistry of the cast is what allowed the first Star Trek reboot film to be enjoyable, despite a boneheaded script, and that’s what’s most likely to save this one as well.

Also… I know I shouldn’t keep harping on the (awful) title… but how exactly are we supposed to say it? The announcer voice puts a pause between “Star Trek” and “Into Darkness,” which implies there should be a colon in there. But there is no colon. It’s an eternal mystery.

Star Trek Into Darkness comes out May 17th. This is the teaser:

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