Nokia has launched an extension to the company’s free Mix Radio service, offering unlimited downloads for less than half the price of Spotify.

Music+ will cost just $3.99 per month, and will offer unlimited downloads of sets of tunes – or ‘mixes’ – for offline playback. It includes unlimited track skips, compared with the four-per-hour offer of Mix Radio. Also new are the ability to view lyrics – Karaoke-style, if you prefer – and better quality sound.

“Nokia Music is great for discovering new music, and we’ve found that there’s a core of users that want even more of it. This is how Nokia Music+ came about,” says Jyrki Rosenberg, vice president of entertainment at Nokia, on a company blog.

“By introducing features like infinite skips and unlimited downloads, we’re opening the doors for unlimited music discovery at only $3.99 per month.”

In a clear reference to Spotify, adds, Rosenberg, “This is for people who care enough about music to pay something for more quality and choice, but don’t want to pay $9.99 monthly.”

The free service allows up to four mixes, each containing several hours of music; that limit’s removed in the new service. It also improves sound quality by eight times compared with Nokia Music, the company claims…

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