The owner and staff at a metro Atlanta restaurant are blaming a “misunderstanding” for what led to a racial slur being printed on a customer’s food order receipt.

Patron Nyjah Vest isn’t buying their excuse, however.

“I don’t know how the n-word got put on my order,” Vest told FOX 5 Atlanta. “I had my (debit) card there with my name on it as well, and I got rung up as the n-word.”

Nyjah Vest Racial Slur
Nyjah Vest was refunded her money after placing a food order at the El Porton restaurant in Duluth, Georgia, having a racial slur printed in place of her name. (Photo: FOX 5 Atlanta / video screenshot)

The incident unfolded at El Porton Mexican Restaurant in Duluth, Georgia, Saturday where a co-worker placed an order on behalf of Vest and several others. The server who took the order said he was unsure of how to spell Vest’s first name.

The employee said that when he asked for the spelling, the man placing the order spelled out the n-word letter by letter and even suggested the “double g.”

“I even looked at him and asked, ‘are you sure?’ ” the server, who asked to remain unnamed, told the outlet. “Even him leaving with that order, I kind of felt uncomfortable as well, because we all know that’s not a word to just throw around.”

The employee said he double-checked with the man to make sure the spelling was correct, which the man said it was.

The server has since apologized for printing the slur, but Vest remains skeptical of his story. She said the worker should’ve known better.

“If somebody told me their name was that, I wouldn’t even acknowledge it,” Vest told FOX 5 Atlanta, adding, “I would think they’re prank calling me or something. It’s a joke.”

The metro Atlanta woman said she simply “wants to be respected.”

“I really feel disrespected, especially because I’ve eaten here [before],” she added.

Vest returned to the eatery Sunday night where she received a refund for her food, as well as an apology from the owner. She said she eventually hopes to speak with the server who printed the offensive receipt.

Watch more in the clip below.

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