It seems “Black Ink Crew” viewers aren’t feeling the cast’s newest additions to the show.

Krystal Kills and the new events coordinator London received a good ole Twitter and Instagram dragging this week after fans accused them of “doing too much for tv.” It’s no secret that the duo don’t like each other, but fans apparently don’t like them either.

Kills and London initially started off on good terms, but their relationship was cut short after Kills fought the newcomer’s battle against “Black Ink” veteran Donna Lombardi. The Puerto Rican tattoo artist threw hands with Lombardi on behalf of London because she felt Lombardi was bullying the events coordinator. Kills, however, felt some type of way when London didn’t jump in the fight and have her back.

Donna Lombardi
(From left) London, Krystal Kills and Donna Lombardi. (Photo: VH1 screen grab)

During Wednesday night’s episode, London, who was already on everyone’s bad side, returned from Memphis with a few of the other crew members and was immediately confronted by Kills for not helping her fight Lombardi.

“The other night I was defending you and when it came down to it you didn’t do nothing,” Kills said to London, who stood up. “Now you standing up, now you wanna swing. I already know you not gone pop cause you p–sy. … You saw me get jumped and you didn’t do nothing, b–tch.”

Krystal Kills
Krystal Kills (left) and London (right). (Photo: VH1 screen grabs))

London tried to calm Kills down and express that she didn’t have a problem with her. Although she seemingly tried to avoid the inevitable, it happened anyway when Kills slapped the newcomer in her face. Security immediately intervened and escorted London outside. Puma eventually sent the events coordinator home and told her to take a break away from the shop.

Several “Black Ink” viewers had mixed reactions to the fight. Some accused Kills of bullying London, while others said she deserved an “a– whooping” after seemingly disrespecting Miss Kitty in Memphis.

“Oh hell naw 🤦‍♀️ that was messed up on all levels. If I was London I would sue Krystal ass SMFH. Not everyone is a fighter and should not have to fight especially for stupidity SMH”

“I don’t feel bad London been irking me the entire time 🤣 she disrespected Kitty’s mom when she was doing the most in Memphis. Serves her right”

“No this is too much, poor London. Krystal is so whack for this, and the Donna just like to pick on London.”

“Am I the only one who feels Krystal n London need to get hell off the show They both tryin to hard too proof themselfs to these mfs and look stupid as hell 🤦‍♀️

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