In February, Ohio police officer Lee Cyr made a controversial Facebook comment about Black Lives Matter activist MarShawn McCarrel II’s suicide in front of the Ohio State House. As of Monday, Cyr has been fired.

“My demons won today. I’m sorry,” wrote McCarrel on Facebook in early February. His family believed that his draining activism took a toll on the 23 -year-old and led to his unforeseen suicide.

Last month, officer Cyr wrote, “Love a happy ending,” in the comments section on the Ohio Politics Facebook page underneath a shared link to a story about the Black Lives Matter activist.

The Fairborn police department immediately put Cyr on paid administrative leave after the alleged comments.

The department released this statement after receiving backlash from social media and Ohio residents:

“When we were made aware of a Facebook post that was linked to a Fairborn police officer, an internal-affairs complaint was initiated,” Fairborn Police Chief Terry Barlow acknowledged.

“The department will be investigating further into the origin of the media post,” the release read. “The department takes these types of issues very seriously and will ensure that the professional standards of the department are upheld.”

For nearly a month after the incident, Cyr had been on leave — until yesterday when the FPD decided to part ways with him.

“This action is in violation of the department’s social media policy and does not conform to the Professional Standards & Core Values established by the organization,” said a statement released by the Fairborn police department.

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