Gucci Mane has beef with Angela Yee and DJ Envy of “The Breakfast Club,” which the rapper talked to Charlamagne Tha God about in a recent interview. And Envy has already responded to the sit-down via Instagram.

This all stems from 2016 when Mane stopped by “The Breakfast Club” for an interview and claimed Yee once pursued him for sex, which she denied.

Gucci Mane (left) has beef with DJ Envy (center) and Angela Yee (right), which he spoke about in a recent interview. (Photos: Prince Williams via Getty Images, Shareif Ziyadat Getty Images Entertainment via Getty Images)

Afterward, there were rumors that Mane was banned from “The Breakfast Club,” but Yee and Envy denied it was true. But the “Wake up in the Sky” performer swears otherwise and said he didn’t do anything wrong to Yee.

“Listen, I meant no disrespect to that girl, I wasn’t trying to humiliate that girl or embarrass her no kind of way,” he said. “I was just defending myself, showing, hey, if you telling someone that I’m banned from the radio station I’m declining, this is getting me to decline.”

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Charlamagne then said he didn’t know where the rumor about Mane being banned came from.

“It came from that punk ass bitch, man,” said the rapper. “And DJ Envy. He’s a p—y, too. Envy p—y, man. P—y. He was scared to even come. You know he scared. Where he at? … He wasn’t going to come because of the day that People Square thing and you wasn’t there. He was there and the girl or whatever. I was going to confront him too.”

“I got an issue with him,” added Mane. “I’mma step to him when I see him. Just like when I seen him step to the people talking about his wife when they came up there and he confronted them.”

“So I’mma confront him about what him and Angela did and if he come at me wrong, I’mma slap the shit out of him,” he continued. “It won’t be his first time getting slapped.”

Envy responded to the Atlanta rhymer Monday on Instagram, beneath a photo of himself and his dog.

“@cthagod gave me a heads up when this interview was done and I told him play it,” wrote Envy. “This isn’t the 1st time I’ve been threatened by an artist and probably won’t be the last time. I never been slapped, or snuffed or jumped before so not sure where that came from.”

“@laflare1017 was never banned from the @breakfastclubam,” he added. “When asked, ‘Would I do an interview without Yee…’ My reply was, ‘I will not do anything unless you clear it with my co-worker.’ We call that riding for your team where I’m from!!! And he’s upset because my coworker defended herself.”

The “I Get the Bag” rapper posted two clips of the interview with Charlamagne to his Instagram page. And in one he wrote “So am I banned from the breakfast club? Yes or No 🤷‍♂️.”

And in the second he wrote, “Don’t ask a question then ban me for answering it just my opinion 🤷‍♂️.”

Yee, meanwhile, hasn’t responded to Mane’s interview, but others sure had a lot to say.

“Angela Yee punching the air right now that Cthegod did this interview,” wrote someone on YouTube.

“Yikes, old Gucci showed up at the end. I believe him too DJ envy better tread lightly,” wrote someone else.

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