Yesterday, X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer tweeted this:

Thrilled to welcome the brilliant #OmarSy from the amazing film #TheIntouchables to the cast of #Xmen#DaysofFuturePast!

The Intouchables was kind of the big deal, achieving the unprecedented feat of grossing $426 million (making it an international blockbustser), only a fraction of which came from the US. It was giant in its native France, winning Sy a César Award (the French equivalent of an Oscar) for Best Actor. So this could be the start of big things for the guy.

There’s no word on who Sy will play. Were I well-versed in X-Men lore, or the original Days of Future Past comic, I could speculate on what character he might be playing. But I don’t know if he’ll be a mutant or a human, based in the present or the past, or anything, really. I also haven’t seen The Intouchables, so I can’t comment on how good of an actor he is. But it’s interesting to see how this movie’s cast keeps expanding. Actors from the first X-Men trilogy, First Class, and newcomers are all assembling. This is exciting!

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