The deadline for well-prepared entrepreneurs seeking up to $1.2M in capital to apply to the 2014 Angel Venture Forum D.C. (AVF) is Sept. 1 and is approaching fast. All qualified growing startup companies are encouraged to apply to AVF. Selected applicants will be considered for the opportunity to make live presentations to a screening committee (Oct. 7) consisting of active angel investors in the region.

Companies making the final cut will have the opportunity to exhibit, network and present at the 2014 Angel Venture Forum Showcase held annually (Nov. 5) at the prestigious National Press Club in Washington, D.C.  AVF typically draws more than 80 active angel investors, family funds, venture capital firms, investment advisors and influencers from across the Mid-Atlantic.

The AVF Showcase is a critical step for start-up companies to fully leverage the AVF process and to receive key benefits of networking and business assistance. Pitching at AVF screening day and/or the AVF Showcase is part of a broader process of ongoing networking, education, coaching, and most importantly, relationship building which starts at the time each company applies.

A number of companies that have already submitted their applications to AVF have already been screened or invited to meet investors or invited to present live before various angel groups. In fact, two have already successfully raised more than $500,000 to date so apply early and start the ball rolling.

To submit an application, visit

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